Life’s full of lessons, unless you’re in a beagle state of mind

Pre-teen age is the age of anxiety and perplexity. At that age, I was in a perpetual state of not knowing what I was supposed to do. To help me figure it out, I sent away for a booklet that told me essential things. It told me to do things on schedule: I should check […]

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6 Signs You’re Spoiling Your Pooch

The relationship between an owner and his or her dog is precious, and while most owners strive to give their dog everything he or she needs and more, there are plenty of owners out there that take owning a dog to an entirely new level. Although you may love your pooch, they are still your […]

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Q&A: What do you guys do when your dog poops when you’re on a walk?

Question by Jesse: What do you guys do when your dog poops when you’re on a walk? Everytime i take him for a walk– i know taking my dog for walks stimulates pooping or whatever– but it’s so embarrassing. I have to walk around with a bag of poop for the rest of the duration. […]

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when you’re walking where do you put dog poop bags?

Question by Lina: when you’re walking where do you put dog poop bags? because in my city there are barely any garbage cans around, the only ones i know of are the ones at schools and at parks and we have few parks that are spaced waaaaay out so basically do u just carry the […]

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Polartec Thermal Pro Winter Dog Jacket

Polartec Thermal Pro Winter Dog JacketRetail price: $69.00 Sale price: $51.50 When youre warm on the inside, it doesnt matter that its cold on the outside. Our Polartec Thermal Pro Winter Dog Jacket features Power-Stretch fabric panels for ease of movement and a Velcro closure to ensure the perfect fit-while keeping your dog warm in […]

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Are Toy Dog Terriers A Good Breed If You’re Moving Into An Apartment?

A reader asked.. I ‘m moving into an apartment and moves in a I’, m, which is considering getting a dog. I ‘ve been asked what kind of dog is good for an apartment and was informed that I take all the dogs toy terrier expectations. I wanted to check in if. I wanted a […]

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