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Article: About Plastic Dog Kennels

House training a puppy can be quite a challenge. It requires a lot of patience on your part because it won’t be easy at the start. You will be going after your dog and watching every corner he or she goes to to check if that area has been soiled accidentally. This has been a […]

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The BC-50

Does your dog bark a lot?  Is there no peace in the house when your dog goes off?  Does your dog wake you up at night?  Does your dog even wake the neighbors?  If so, Innotek has the answer. In these situations, what you need is the BC 50 no bark collar. Man’s Best Friends […]

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Dog Obedience. Some Vital Information.

When you get a puppy, you might not think straight awayabout dog training, but you should. Having a well trained dog can mean the difference between a alm and settled household and a chaotic one. Dog behavior is directly impacted by how much training he has. He needs to have structure and limits in his […]

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Electronic Dog Training Collars Helps You Teach Your Dog

An electronic dog training collar is ideal for all dog owners wishing to train their dog including: • professional dog trainers • behaviorists • veterinary practitioners • farmers Surveys have shown that the electronic dog training collar has resulted in the lives of many dogs being saved, as well as there has been an enormous […]

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Dog Training – Dogs on Bonfire Night

This time of year can be a worrying and confusing one for your dog, occurrences like bonfire night don’t happen very often and that’s what makes it a lot scarier for your dog or puppy. Dogs do not like unfamiliarity’s and all the flashes and sudden bangs can make your dog extremely scared and afraid […]

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Positive Dog Training Produces Faster Results

When using a positive dog training approach, one must be sure to keep in mind that this type of training is based on rewarding your dog for good behavior.

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Dynamite Dog Treats That Pets Are Guaranteed To Completely Love!

Treats – we all love them, don’t we? Your dog is no exception, as I am sure you know! Any dog owner worth their salt knows that dog treats are worth much more than a second or two of pleasure for your pet – they are an essential part of training.

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Crate Training Puppies: a Good Idea

Have you wondered if Crate Training Puppies is a good idea? Yes, it is a good idea because with the right expertise and training you can teach your dog or your puppy to look at his or her crate as a secure place. This requires the correct approach, however, and the wrong one can spell disaster for your puppy and yourself as well.

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