Marbled Boiled Wool Ball Dog Toy

Marbled Boiled Wool Ball Dog Toy Marbled Boiled Wool Ball Dog Toy. Each sold separately. Have some wooly fun with these eco-friendly dog toys! 100% wool hand-made balls are durable and help to clean teeth. Made without the use of chemicals with renewable resources. Pets should be supervised when playing with toys as no toy […]

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Boiled Wool Dog Ball

Boiled Wool Dog Ball Boiled Wool Dog Ball. It’s durable and naturally attractive to dogs and cats thanks to that special wooly scent which is derived from the natural oils of the wool fleece. Made completely biodegradable after your pup is done with them. To refresh this toy we recommend putting it in the top […]

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Distinctive-Puppy Wool Sweater

Distinct-Puppy Wool Sweater The suitable seem for any fashion-aware dog-about-town, every 1 of these unique pullover sweaters is hand-knit by Guatemalan artisans in pure wool. The exceptional warmth of the sweaters marled yarns is enhanced by its cozy shawl collar. Luxury sweater is handcrafted of a hundred% knit wool Features an additional shawl collar for […]

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Varsity Stripe Wool Dog Sweater

Varsity Stripe Wool Dog SweaterRetail price: $39.75 Sale price: $29.50 When its time to hit the books, the big pup on campus needs to look smart – in our Varsity Stripe Wool Dog Sweater. Hand knit by Ecquadorian artisans from thick, soul-warming wool, its made for trendsetters. Flattering fit for dogs of all sizes Toasty, […]

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