wolf dog


It’s Not a Wolf, It’s a Tamaskan!

It’s a wolf! Or…is it a sled dog? No, actually, it’s a Tamaskan. Tamaskan dogs do not contain any Wolf, Czech Wolf-dog or Saarloos content. Generally full of fun and comedic in nature. they have also been known to excel in obedience, agility, sled pulling and musical freestyle. And their calm and laid back nature […]

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The Tamsakan Dog

In 2005, the two primary founders of the Tamaskan breed gathered ten Northern Eskimo and Utonagan dogs,  and interbred them with Finnish racing Huskies to produce a completely novel Finnish working breed, the Tamaskan. The objective was to produce a canine that appeared to be a wolf but with no actual wolf substance. These canines […]

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