What Is Your Favorite Activity To Do With Your Dog?

A Reader Asks… Swimming!!! My Newfoundland and my Saint Bernard are happiest playing the in pool. My two will run and jump into the pool over and over again!!! My Newfie will even jump onto the pool float and fall asleep 🙂 My Saint rather take a leisurely swim. They are so much fun and […]

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Have Any Of You Read Cesar Millan’s Book And Is Now Obsessed With Spreading His Dog Training Techniques?

A Reader Asks… I read Cesar’s Way and Be the Pack Leader by Cesar Millan, and let me tell you, I have zero experience with training but his books taught me how to transform my insecure yappy pug into my dream dog- a stable, happy and calm pug.

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Need Help With Fitting And Using A Martingale Dog Training Collar!?

A Reader Asks… I have a martingale dog training collar for my dog, I got the right size and all, but I am not sure where it is to sit on the dogs neck and that kind of stuff so any help would be appreciated.

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How Does A Whistle Work With Dog Training? A Silent One Or A “normal” One?

A Reader Asks… How does one use the whistle when training a dog? To tell him “what to do” (blowing the whistle, and saying the command come, for example) or “what NOT to do”, lets say if the dog is nipping your trousers legs and you want him to stop?

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What Should I Do With My Dog *before* We Go To A Dog Training Class So That She Pays More Attention?

A Reader Asks… We have a 7 month old beagle/coonhound mix and going to beginner classes for training. The trainer said we should exercise her alot before going to class. We don’t want to tire her out too much…but will try more next week….see if it helps. Are there any other suggestions besides tire the […]

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Am I The Only One Who Got Ripped Off With Nancy Richards’ Dog Training Institute?

A Reader Asks… She promises all the answers to really good issues with obedience training for cairn terriers and dogs in general but she didn’t have ANYTHING anybody that’s ever seen a dog wouldn’t already know! I am constantly being bombarded with advertisements for the very information I paid her for! She brags a 120 […]

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Can Someone Help Me Find A Dog Training Facility With A Good Price?

A Reader Asks… Possibly somewhere in New York or around New York like New Jersey or Conneticut or something. I’m looking for one of those training facilities that has boarding for your dog and, of course, a training program. (Example: k9one) I’ve already looked at k9one, but I was hoping some could give me a […]

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Are There Any Sites With Tips For Dog Training?

A Reader Asks… I have a dog that I’m trying to train. Instead of buying a book, are there any dog training sites I can go on and look at instructions and tips for free?

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Whats A Fun Activity To Do With My Dog?

A Reader Asks… I have a mix a pointer and something else she looks like a golden retriever though. She is SO cute. She would not hurt anyone for her life.

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What Activity Do You Do With Your Dog Or Puppy When The Weather Is Bad?

A Reader Asks… If you have a dog or puppy that don’t like to go outside for a walk when the weather is bad what other activities can you do with your dog to substitute the normal walk time?

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