Funny Ferrets Play With Cute Dog

These are my two ferrets (white one ziggy) (dark one monty) and my dog Tigger playing and having a good time. Enjoy! Song: Dont Worry Be Happy, by The Carribean Pirates Steal Band No copyright intended.

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What Are The Basics Of Dog Training? Rescue Dog With Training Already? Please Read Whole Question?

A Reader Asks… I want to get a dog from the Humane Society and will opt towards an easily trainable dog and/or one who is already trained. If he is already trained, what will I personally have to do to so he responds to me? Also, what exactly are the things I would train him? […]

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What Are Some Tips For Traveling With Your Dog?

A Reader Asks… I’ve looked up cool places around the country that have tons of dog-friendly activities and places to stay. What are some tips for traveling with your dog? What should be expected? What are some of your experiences?

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Can You Tell Me Some Positive Experiences You Have Had With Electronic Dog Training Collars?

A Reader Asks… I know many people don’t like the idea of using electronic shock training collars. But I also know most people don’t know how to train their dogs properly which results in dogs biting people, running away and getting hit by cars. Tell me some positive stories.

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What’s Your Favorite Game/activity/challenge You Play With Your Dog?

A Reader Asks… my dog loves to play keep away. he’ll put a toy into his mouth and rub it in my face and want me to tug on it but he won’t let go! he loves it! I have a 1 year old beagle! he’s also a fatty!!

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Can Anyone Suggest A Site With Tips On Dog Training?

A Reader Asks… Have a lab puppy. Need some tips. He’s house trained, that wasn’t hard. But I’m having trouble with him nipping peoples hands while playing. It’s not fear biting or even a bite. when you play with him he will nip at your hands. Tail wagging and all that .Friendly dog I just […]

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Whats Your Favorite Activity To Do With Your Dog?

A Reader Asks… Tie between show, eat and sleep. Nothing like a warm fuzzy doggie to stick your feet under on a cold night.

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Hypothetically Speaking, Is It Right To Engage In Sexual Activity With An Underage Dalmation Dog?

A Reader Asks… no. dogs can only engage in sexual activity on their second heat, and that’s when they’re about a year old. that’s in the law. if the dog gets pregnant and gives birth to puppies you won’t be given legal papers for it and stuff. so don’t ***** that dalma just yet.

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I Need An Activity To Do With My Dog!!!?

A Reader Asks… I have a 9 year old beagle named Mojo, who i love very much. I wanted to find an activity that we could do together, so we could bond. Mojo hates water, and has a back leg problem, so she can’t go in a pool, or jump off of anything. Please help

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Do Anyone Know A Website With Free Dog Training?

A Reader Asks… I need a great site that gives free dog training to the owner so I can go step by step so I can know exactly what to do thanks people that help I appreciate it alot!

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