Where Can I Find Good Dog Training E-books?

A Reader Asks… Hi, I am a new dog owner. The name of my dog is “Tunnu” and he is not behaving very well as of now. He bites our bed sheets and tears them off .. will bark in the mid night to spoil our sleep. I am looking for some good dog training […]

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Where Can I Get Dog Training Clicker In India?

A Reader Asks… I couldn’t able to get dog training clicker in my place. I tried to buy the indian tin toy clicker. Now it is not available. I tried to use pen. It is also not good. 1) Where can I get the clicker in Chennai / India? 2) How to make home made […]

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Where Can I Get A Teacup Or Toy Dog In Midwest?

A Reader Asks… I am thinking of getting a small toy or teacup dog- not sure what kind to get or where to get it from. I want something near WI, so I dont have to ship the animal. I also perfer it not shed like crazy.

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Where Should I Go For Good Dog Training?

A Reader Asks… My dog is 4 months old and I want to make her a therapy dog. I live in ohio and I was wanting to know where a good place to take her and train her would be. If you know of any where to take her please help me out! Thank you!

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Where Can I Find A Lanyard For My Dog Training Clicker?

A Reader Asks… I bought a dog training clicker today and noticed that there is no lanyard (wrist strap). I was wondering if any other Yahoo Answers users could tell me where I might find one that would be for a StartMark brand clicker http://aboutdogtraining.sitestreet.com/185/StarMark_Clicker.htm No smart alick answers please.

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Where Can I Find An Electric Lure/chase Toy For My Dog?

A Reader Asks… A few years ago I saw either on TV or in a magazine this dog toy that looked fantastic, it was basically a long string or cable with a little motor at one point and stakes along the string, you arranged the stakes in any pattern and then a fuzzy lure sped […]

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Where To Look For Dog Training Dvd With Subtitles?

A Reader Asks… Trying to find a gift for my wife who is deaf/ hard of hearing. Can everyone look at the Dog training videos or dvds you have and see if any of them have subtitles. If so would love to know the name of it. Thank you,

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