New: You Might Be Surprised When You Read Our Dog … http://www.articledirectory.net.au/2011/03/05/surprised-read-dog-food-secrets-review/

New: You Might Be Surprised When You Read Our Dog … http://www.articledirectory.net.au/2011/03/05/surprised-read-dog–food-secrets-review/ – by ArticleDAU (Article Director)

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When Did “positive Reinforcement” Become The Preferred Dog Training Method?

A Reader Asks… I remember a time when the “rolled up newspaper” method of dog training was the accepted norm. Back then, many trainers taught their dogs to do amazing things (and do them quite well) using methods that most folks today would consider “cruel”. I’m not advocating any particular school of training here, but […]

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What Activity Do You Do With Your Dog Or Puppy When The Weather Is Bad?

A Reader Asks… If you have a dog or puppy that don’t like to go outside for a walk when the weather is bad what other activities can you do with your dog to substitute the normal walk time?

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