Clever Dog Performs Cute Dog Tricks!

Cosmo the clicker trick dog perrforms incredible cute dog tricks!! from skating boarding to walking handstands there anit nothing he cant do!! visit his website to learn more about him www.cosmotheschnauzer.weebly.com www.youtube.comcosmomatic100 cosmo is trained with + reinforcement and the clicker! enjoy 😀 a thanks to josh woodward for the use of his song “upkilkenny […]

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What Are The Basics Of Dog Training? Rescue Dog With Training Already? Please Read Whole Question?

A Reader Asks… I want to get a dog from the Humane Society and will opt towards an easily trainable dog and/or one who is already trained. If he is already trained, what will I personally have to do to so he responds to me? Also, what exactly are the things I would train him? […]

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Im Starting A Dog Training Class On Monday, Are There Anyone Here Who Knows What My Starting Pay Would Be?

A Reader Asks… i love dogs so much. and i cant wait till i start my dog training class. its for 8 weeks every monday night for an hour and a half. after i get my certification i’m gonna work at maybe petsmart. is there anyone who knows how much ill get paid?

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What Are Some Tips For Traveling With Your Dog?

A Reader Asks… I’ve looked up cool places around the country that have tons of dog-friendly activities and places to stay. What are some tips for traveling with your dog? What should be expected? What are some of your experiences?

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What Is The Perfect Name For A Female That Is A Toy Dog Size?

A Reader Asks… Hello, I am interested in getting a female toy breed dog and want the perfect name for her. I can not think of any and wanted some opinions. I like real names like Riley or Daisy but can not use those. Thanks! 🙂

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What Activity Out There Other Than Walking Or Jogging Will Help My Dog Lose Weight And We Can Do It Together?

A Reader Asks… My dogs like to run along when I ride my bike. I also have a puppy who loves to go to the park (not the dog park). She loves to slide down the toddler slides and will do it over and over and over (obviously you have to be careful of children […]

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What Is The Best Dog Training Book You Would Recommend?!?

A Reader Asks… Dog Problems (Howell Reference Books) (Paperback) by Carol Lea Benjamin The Perfect Puppy (How to Choose Your Dog By Its Behavior) by Benjamin and Lynette Hart Second-Hand Dog: How to Turn Yours into a First-Rate Pet (Howell Reference Books) by Carol Lea Benjamin Any of the Dog Training for Dummies books!

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What Dog-friendly Activities Can I Do In San Francisco?

A Reader Asks… I am taking my dogs to San Francisco for a weekend. They are medium-sized dogs (55 pounds or so). What can I do with them other than take them to a dog park or the beach? Do any restaurants allow dogs to sit outside with their owners while the people eat? Thanks!

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What Is The Smallest Toy Dog Besides A Chihuahua?

A Reader Asks… What is the smallest toy dog breed besides a chihuahua?

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What Kind Of Info Would You Like To See On A Dog Training Site?

A Reader Asks… I just wanted to know what kind of info ya’ll would be interested in seeing on a dog training website. I am going to be updating my webpage, with info about items that are toxic to dogs, children with dogs, and what really happens when a pet is given up by it’s […]

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