Using Rewards and Punishments in Puppy Training

Puppies and dogs learn new things or change their behavior only if the undesirable behavior is punished or the desirable behavior rewarded. We can reward a dog for performing certain tasks on command, such as sitting, lying down, or coming, with simple petting, affection, and praise. You can also use rewards for coming when called, […]

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Veterinary diagnosticians using test to determine severity of new dog disease

There’s a new disease lurking at the dog park. Canine circovirus, also called dog circovirus, was discovered in 2012; however, researchers are still trying to determine the severity of the disease, according to Jianfa Bai, molecular diagnostician and assistant professor at Kansas State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine. Dogs infected with circovirus may show symptoms […]

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Escaped airport puppy captured using chicken as bait

VICTORIA, British Columbia, Nov. 15 (UPI) — An animal rescue group said a puppy that escaped at Canada’s Victoria International Airport was captured the next day in a live trap. Michael Cox of MexPup, a rescue group that brings homeless dogs to Canada from Mexico, said 9-month-old Zander made a break for freedom Saturday while […]

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Dog using a dog for a bed

My dog using my bigger dog as a bed! after her ear surgery when back home,She lay on her back making silly funny hilarious faces that make us laugh into tears.She have a caulie flower ears and brought to a Vet for ear surgery.In 2 weeks she have to go back in the Vet Clinic […]

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Article: How To Now Conquer Picking Up Dog Waste By Using a Dog Poop Bag Holder

Article by Kay Ringelstetter Picking up smelly dog waste is not one of our favorite duties. However, when we are experiencing the great outdoors with our canine companion, it is a duty that we all must meet. The best way to meet this responsibility is with a dog poop bags holder. There are many of […]

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Article: Puppy Leash Training Using a Dog Poop Bag Holder

Article by Kay Ringelstetter When you take your dog for a walk it should be a pleasurable experience and the best way to to make sure this happens is to familiarize your puppy with the leash and yourself with your dog poop bag holder as early as possible. You will not need to retrain your […]

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What are the benefits of using a dog kennel/crate?

Question by terrestrial: What are the benefits of using a dog kennel/crate? I have an 8 month old Sheltie mix, housetrained, who is well behaved and obedient/under control. He is trained to sleep on his dog bed. He doesn’t get in trouble when we leave him alone, so I’m not sure what the benefits are […]

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How do I make my dog stop barking without using dog collars( electic)?

A reader asked.. I want my dog to stop barking but not using dangerous methods. My dog is A German Shepard X Kelpie she is currently 4 years old. My dog is dangerous to outside people. My dog is a loving and affectionte dog.

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Need Help With Fitting And Using A Martingale Dog Training Collar!?

A Reader Asks… I have a martingale dog training collar for my dog, I got the right size and all, but I am not sure where it is to sit on the dogs neck and that kind of stuff so any help would be appreciated.

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