United Kingdom


Royal Pet Portraits

If you’ve ever wanted a custom hand painted royal pet portrait of your dogs then I’ve found the art studio for you. Dog Artists based in the UK (but they deliver world-wide) specializes in painting custom royal pet portraits of your pets. You could have your pooch painted as Elizabeth I, Henry VIII, a Lord […]

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What are Assistance Dogs?

Over 7000 people in the UK that are disabled rely on an accredited assistance dog to help with their every day tasks. They are also a great help towards a person’s emotional state as well as the physical aspect of having one too. These such dogs bring great independence to a disabled person and can […]

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Cloning Contest Seeks Worthiest UK Dog

Puppy lovers in the United Kingdom may soon get a chance to extend their dog years, thanks to an odd new contest: A South Korean company wants to clone the most beloved U.K. pooch — again raising ethical questions about the practice of pet cloning. Headed by a former stem-cell researcher named Woo-Suk Hwang, the […]

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Dog Show – How to Hunt For the Real Champ

Dog show is one of the most exciting show in the dog-lover countries, such as USA and United Kingdom. From the dog show contest, the possesor of a dog which becomes the champion of the show will not merely get much dough but also honor and prestige. Related to the situation, usually the fans of […]

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