Royal Pet Portraits

If you’ve ever wanted a custom hand painted royal pet portrait of your dogs then I’ve found the art studio for you. Dog Artists based in the UK (but they deliver world-wide) specializes in painting custom royal pet portraits of your pets. You could have your pooch painted as Elizabeth I, Henry VIII, a Lord […]

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Police investigate UK girl’s fatal mauling by dogs

STORY HIGHLIGHTS NEW: Animal psychologist says dog owners must take action if they spot warning signs Jade Anderson, 14, is apparently killed by a pack of dogs in a house in northwest England Four dogs were shot by armed police officers and a fifth was secured Media reports say they were an American bulldog, bull […]

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Pet dog ID Tag / Disc Showcase from Uk.

Click Website link underneath video to view in total High definition! 30mm chunky satin impeccable plated, light-weight zinc alloy, deep engraved pet dog id tag critique / showcase. Exclusive pet dog tags available from (United kingdom). Cost-free delivery in United kingdom, free of charge engraving, and cost-free split ring. Style your pet tag online, […]

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Why Dog Training should always be sought from a Professional Dog behaviorist?

Dog is a lovely and faithful animal. The pet seems even more adorable when it behaves gently and to achieve this Dog Training should always be sought from a Professional Dog Behaviorist We often think that we ourself can train our pup or dog. But believe me this is not a child’s , we need […]

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Dog, cat rabies vaccinations set

Dog, cat rabies vaccinations set Dog and cat rabies vaccination clinics are scheduled Tuesday in Overton and Thursday in Arp. Read more on The Longview News-Journal Dog program set in Belleville for youths Youths ages 8-18 are invited to enroll in the St. Clair County 4-H Dog program, where members will have hands-on opportunities to […]

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Dog Clothes make Great Gifts

If you plan on doing seasonal garment shopping for others, than do remember to include your pet dog in the list. Dogs are one being that will wear your gift with joy, pride and will appreciate your concern. No matter what outfit it is, your dog will look good and will wear the garment with […]

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