Australian Shepherd Video: Training Tricks Week One | Australian Shepherd BROOKE

* *** Watch in HD *** 11 week old Australian Shepherd Puppy Brooke learns the Tricks: Sit, Touch my Hand, Spin Circles and Stay. Pf?tchen hoch & abonniert uns gerne kostenlos um nichts mehr zu verpassen! ? — Paws up and don’t forget to follow us! — *** SOCIAL MEDIA *** BLOG: FACEBOOK: […]

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Australian Shepherd Training: How It Affects Canine Concerns

Training your Aussie the proper way enables you both to coexist with ease and become best buddies. Lack thereof may cause various behavior issues which can taint and eventually damage your wonderful dog and owner relationship. When you’re trying to deal with your dog’s behavior concerns, here are a few Australian Shepherd training strategies you […]

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Australian Shepherd Training Tips to Keep in Mind

Investing the needed time and effort into Australian Shepherd training is among the best things that you can do, both for yourself and your canine companion. As the years pass by, you’ll appreciate your well-behaved pet and the place he has earned in your family. Continue reading to find out some other factors dog training […]

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Aptos training center teaches dogs, humans the art of Disc Dog – Santa Cruz Sentinel

Aptos training center teaches dogs, humans the art of Disc Dog – Santa Cruz Sentinel Aptos training center teaches dogs, humans the art of Disc DogSanta Cruz Sentinel”You have do to something, otherwise you're going to regret it,” said Dan Weissman, who brought his Australian shepherd to the event Sunday. “(The energy) is going to […]

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Australian Shepherd Training: Coaching Highly Intelligent Canines

There are a variety purposes for training your furry companion. Other than doing tricks for enjoyment, dog breeds like the Australian Shepherd are usually trained to safeguard the property, herd sheep as well as excel at numerous dog sports such as dog agility, frisbee and flyball. Although dog owners have successfully trained their Aussies, it […]

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Typical Australian Shepherd Training Mistakes Owners Make

Even though they’re famous for being kind, loving and loyal to their owners, the Australian Shepherd isn’t your ordinary house pet. They have some characteristics that can make them a bit challenging to manage especially if not provided with the much-needed Australian Shepherd training. Without such training, this working dog with remarkable herding skill is […]

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Using Rewards and Punishments in Puppy Training

Puppies and dogs learn new things or change their behavior only if the undesirable behavior is punished or the desirable behavior rewarded. We can reward a dog for performing certain tasks on command, such as sitting, lying down, or coming, with simple petting, affection, and praise. You can also use rewards for coming when called, […]

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Why It’s Vital to Use the Right Emotion When Training Your Dog

Why It’s Vital to Use the Right Emotion When Training Your Dog Can you feel the intensity coming off of this agility Sheltie? He needs to be trained with emotions from the Energy category Emotions from the “Energy” category should be used with caution. Intensity will fuel more aggression from a reactive dog … Continue […]

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Shetland Sheepdog Video: Shetland Sheepdog Rudy Puppy Training

* Rudy my sheltie learning the basics of sit, down, stand, touch, look, his name and a few fun things I have added to his routine. Shetland Sheepdog Rudy Puppy Training Shetland Sheepdog * watch dogs101 on animal planet dont forget to comment thank you ? Dogs101 shetland Sheepdog Shetland Sheepdog on Amazon: Shetland Sheepdog […]

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