training your dog


Fun Indoor Exercises for Your Dog

There is no doubt that one of the things your dog looks forward to most during the day, is his daily walks. The smells, people, and dogs he encounters daily are stimulating, entertaining, and an excellent motivation to stay fit. However, on really chilly days, dogs can be reticent to go outside for more than […]

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Steps to Reduce Dog Barking

A key component in training your dog to bark less is understanding the reasons for the barking. Barking is one way that your dog communicates with you and over time you will develop an understanding of why your dog is barking. Sometimes your dog will bark for the right reasons, when it needs to go […]

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How to train your dog.

Sometimes the best training for your dog comes from their owners. Training your pet will help him to be a more obedient dog .It will also help him to be a better pet . The time that you spend working in this training will reward you for ever.Your pet will be closer to you and […]

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Have Dog Jumping Problems?

A key part of training your dog is to teach him to not jump up on people. Puppies often show their excitement by jumping. As it puppy, it may not seem like a big deal. However, when the puppy grows up, it is a much bigger issue. If you dog jumps on someone it could […]

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My Guidelines For Selecting a Quality Dog Crate For Your Family Dog

It often takes a dog a while to adjust to a new home. A new dog may have an easier time transitioning if you use a dog crate. Crates help because they give your dog a safe place to go when everything around them is new. They also make house training your dog much easier. […]

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Understanding your Dog’s Psychology

Dog psychology is a fascinating subject and one we will explore today. Taking the time to understand your dog’s pysche a bit better will prove to be quite helpful in understanding your dog and in applying it when you train your dog. When we learn to understand why a dog behaves and acts the way […]

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An Instant Dog Training Videos Review Of Different Dog Training Guides

  Today, more and more pet lovers are aware that training their dog by themselves can have more benefits than ever imagined. The concept of hiring a professional dog trainer is the only effective method to fully train your pet but that kind of procedure is passé. Now, owners can give personal dog training for […]

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Tips On How To Toilet Training Your Puppy

Puppy owners often site house training as the most stressful training experience they have with a new dog. Certain dogs will quickly pick up on this training whilst other dogs will take a while to understand what is required. House training your dog is easier than you think! By following this straight forward method you […]

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Leash Training Made Simple

With nicer weather coming, its a great time to get out there and enjoy some walks with your favorite pooch. Are your dog walks resembling a marathon – with you in 2nd place behind your dog? These tips are for you! Change Your Direction Abruptly changing the direction you’re heading in may be enough distraction […]

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A Dog Trainer and His Duties

There has to be someone special in order to fill the job a dog trainer must do. Training your dog is an important part of developing a life-long bond with your beloved pet. You may never be a dog trainer for money but just giving your dog the basic dog commands is more than many […]

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