Training Puppies


The Best In Chihuahua Dog Care Starts With You

When you get your new Chihuahua, it is important that you realize that Chihuahua puppy care starts with you. There are so many things that you might want to be a part of when you get your new dog, and it might be very intimidating because there are so many things to think about when […]

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Lhasa Apso Puppies Potty Training. Need Some Assistance?

As you know, one of the most exciting things that most dog lovers can imagine is bringing home  lhasa apso puppies for the first time. Unfortunately, this excitement often wears off quickly when the new little addition to the family begins using the house as a bathroom area. Potty TrainingFortunately, with a bit of consideration […]

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Development Stages Of Puppy Training Birth To Wean

When puppies are born they are dependent on others for their initial survival. The optimum situation is for the mother to provide feeding, bathing, and dog training. Most mothers do this admirably but there is also additional need for puppy care birth to wean. At birth the puppies will not even have their eyes open […]

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Tricks to Use to Stop Dog Chasing

There are many different problems that dog owners have to address with their dogs.  Some of these involve barking problems, digging problems and even jumping up on people.  The best way to solve these issues is to prevent them before they start, training puppies to be obedient and live up to expectations through consistent reinforcement […]

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Is A Beagle Right For Your Family?

The beagle can be a delightful breed. They are adorable, smaller dogs, and beagle personalities make great pets if they are disciplined and well taken care of. If you fail to train and take good care of your dog, they can also be difficult. Caring for a beagle will be rewarding, however, if you are […]

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Stop Puppy Chewing Now — The Do’s And Don’ts Of Dog Training Basics

Tell me, does this describe you?Puppy chewing is turning your dream of having a happy, obedient dog into a nightmare of dog chewing problems while your belongings are shredded into a million little pieces.  Don’t despair.  You can stop puppy chewing by learning some dog training basics.  You Need To Understand Why Puppies Chew On […]

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The Best Kept Secrets For Potty Training A Puppy Fast

Getting ready to discover to train a puppy needs you to be organized and take copious amounts of notes. I know that sounds very “fuzzy” and lacking substance – don’t glaze over and ignore it, as it’s a very useful record of what has worked, and shows you exactly what your dog responds to. Taking […]

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Puppy Training Tips – Dealing With The Shy Pup

The shy puppy is truly a problem child, but his problems are at the opposite end of the spectrum from his pack-leader littermate. This puppy seems to react in fear to almost everything – littermates that play too rough, loud noises, strange people, etc. This little guy needs a slight different set of puppy training […]

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New Tips For Potty Training A Puppy Fast

Learning to train a puppy is all about being organized and taking lots of notes. That may sound very simple and basic but don’t just pay it lip service, as it’s a very useful record of what has worked, and shows you exactly what your dog responds to. The information you record is an instant […]

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How To Potty Train Your Puppy Quickly And Easily

You may have just brought home an adorable new puppy pal! Beside enjoying your little pal, you also want to protect your home so your furnishings and carpets aren’t ruined. What should you do now? By teaching your puppy where to relieve himself, you’ll also be protecting your home. How can that be accomplished? Grab […]

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