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Training For Your Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever is an AKC registered dog breed. The following article reviews the breed. Training For Your Golden Retriever With the term of training for your Golden Retriever, there are lots of diverse meanings involved. When you are planning to train your Golden Retriever, you’ve got a few options open to you. Below, we […]

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Q&A: What is the best breed of dog for obedience training?

Question by moonkissedwarrior: What is the best breed of dog for obedience training? I need 2 dogs for a training program for a school and I am having touble thinking of the beed to buy. I wanted to stay away from the most common choices like golden retreivers and labs, and go for a different […]

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Dog Training Career: What Is Involved?

A dog training career may be just right for you, if you love working with dogs. Dogs of all ages, from puppies to older dogs, need training, and their owners often don’t know how to train them. They look for a professional dog trainer to do the job. If you are thinking of a dog […]

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Biting Puppy Syndrome Help On How To Stop It

While dogs are known as man’s best friend, you, as the dog owner, are responsible for the training of your dog, if you require him to live up to that lofty moniker. When you bring that cute puppy home, he’s a boisterous and loving character. What he lacks is discipline and that is where you […]

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Essential Dog Training for All Dogs

Brining home a new dog or puppy is always an exciting time. There is a lot of responsibility that comes with owning a dog. You have to feed her, groom her, provide her with proper health care, and give her a safe place to call home. But one of the most important things you can […]

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