Training Dogs


These Amazing Dogs Can Smell Cancer

Dogs can use their noses to sniff out bombs and drugs, lead manhunts for murderers, and rescue people from disasters. And, now, they can even diagnose diseases. Researchers at University of Pennsylvania’s Working Dog Center are training a team of retrievers and Dutch or German Shepherds to use their extremely sensitive noses to sniff out […]

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Ruling reopens door for use of dogs in wolf hunting

by BobMacInnes Wolf hunters can use dogs to hunt wolves during the 2013 season, a Dane County judge ruled Friday, but he threw out state rules that allow the use of wolves in the wild to train hunting dogs. Dane County Circuit Judge Peter Anderson, who had issued an injunction before the 2012 hunting season […]

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Why Dog Training should always be sought from a Professional Dog behaviorist?

Dog is a lovely and faithful animal. The pet seems even more adorable when it behaves gently and to achieve this Dog Training should always be sought from a Professional Dog Behaviorist We often think that we ourself can train our pup or dog. But believe me this is not a child’s , we need […]

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Dog Training: Common House Training Problems

In terms of dog training, house training is one of the areas of dog ownership and one of the most common dog training problems that is most subject to misunderstanding, confusion, and just plain dread boy dog owners and even dog training experts. In today’s dog training article we are going to examine and learn […]

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Tips on Training Aggressive Dogs

Dogs are naturally aggressive. This trait of dogs developed over many centuries ensuring their survival in the wild. Selective breeding and domestication processes have minimised and refined dog aggression. Some tips to help you to understand your dogs aggressive behaviour are below. Why is my dog aggressive? Factors such as lack of exposure to other […]

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How to Begin A Career in Dog Training

A career in dog training can be tremendously rewarding for you if you love working with dogs and it does take a very special and dedicated person with a really big heart towards animals to become a professional dog trainer. However, a dog training career can also be very challenging and it is going to […]

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Dog Training Made Easy

Dog training can actually be an enjoyable task rather than the painful chore most would view it as. It is always very important for a dog owner to understand that dog training is not going to happen overnight, it will in fact take a little bit of time, which means patience is an absolute must. […]

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Protect Your Health, Train Your Mastiff

  A Mastiff dog, when still young can be a pain in the neck, if left untrained. As dog, by nature, he would chew on anything that his teeth can get into. And you will be left hanging to dry when you find that your new $100 shoes will be turned into dirty slippers, not […]

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An Instant Dog Training Videos Review Of Different Dog Training Guides

  Today, more and more pet lovers are aware that training their dog by themselves can have more benefits than ever imagined. The concept of hiring a professional dog trainer is the only effective method to fully train your pet but that kind of procedure is passé. Now, owners can give personal dog training for […]

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Tips On How To Toilet Training Your Puppy

Puppy owners often site house training as the most stressful training experience they have with a new dog. Certain dogs will quickly pick up on this training whilst other dogs will take a while to understand what is required. House training your dog is easier than you think! By following this straight forward method you […]

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