Akc Recommends That You Train Your Yorkie

If my mother’s yorkie dog cracks a bone he instantly drops it out on the plate and very carefully picks the food away from it. In the same way, my friend can give her dog a big piece of bone and tell him to eat it as long as it doesn’t splinter.

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Akc Recommends That You Train Your Yorkie Dog

Show your dog a personal belonging of your own. Put the item under your arm to absorb your scent. Add the item to a pile of belongings.

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It’s Fun To Train Your Pet Dog On Your Own

As a pet dog lover, you always see to it that you give all the best in the world for your furry best friend. Some even would go through the extreme of enrolling their dogs to an obedient school for weeks or months. Well, that would be a good idea if you have the financial […]

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New Puppy Care

Now that you are ready to bring your bundle of joy home, start preparing your home so it is properly equipped for new puppy care. The preparations you need to make and steps you need to take will vary for each different breed.For example Chihuahua puppy care is going to be more challenging and difficult […]

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Chihuahua Puppy Care: How to Prepare

Chihuahua puppy care, like any new puppy care, can be a hassle if you don’t make the right preparations and learn about what to do prior to bringing your puppy home. Chihuahuas are a particularly tricky breed to take care of since they are hard to house train and are so small and fragile. What […]

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Labrador Retrievers Make A Great Family Pet

For anyone who is considering having a pet dog, it would be a great idea for you to keep a Labrador Retriever dog for a pet. The popularity of this breed is on the rise and there are several good reasons for this including this breed’s very likeable nature. Besides their very likeable nature, the […]

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4 to 8 Dog Agility Jumps Makes Ideal Training

4 to 8 Dog Agility Jumps Makes Ideal Training We are often asked, “How many jumps should I start with?” You can never have too many single jumps to practice agility. A good starting place is four jumps. This is the absolute minimum number of jumps that we recommend. You can teach a variety of […]

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American Pit Bull Terrier Training: How To Train An Aggressive Dog

American Pit Bull Terrier Training: How To Train An Aggressive Dog Aggressive Pit Bulls can become a very serious problem if not dealt with in a proper manner. New laws exist that state if a dog bites or attacks someone, the dog’s owner will be held responsible and the dog put down. This is just […]

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Do You Need Dog Training Tools When You Train Your Dog?

There is no question about it, if you own a dog you need to make sure that it behaves well with people, strangers, and with other animals. Your dog needs to obey commands to keep the dog and his surroundings save. This means you need to train your dog and the best time to start […]

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