Gail Fisher's Dog Tracks House training isn't difficult if you are willing to be diligent

LARRY, our Chinook puppy, is 17 weeks old. It’s been nearly two weeks since he’s had an “accident” in the house. I used quotation marks around accident because during the house training process, if a puppy eliminates indoors rather than outside, the fault is the human’s, not the puppy’s. I’ve been really diligent about house […]

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Puppy Tied To Train Tracks By 'Confused' Man

A puppy narrowly avoided being crushed by a train after being tied to railway tracks in the California desert by an elderly man. Officials say the train driver had to use emergency brakes to stop the train from hitting the 10-month-old poodle-terrier mix near Mecca, south of Joshua Tree National Park. “It’s probably one of […]

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