Toy Dogs

Deer Head Chihuahua

Deer Head vs. Apple Head Chihuahua. What’s the Difference?

Which of the habits of Chihuahuas makes the most amusing moments to watch? Is it when they are happily playing with children in the park? Or how they welcome their owners with joyful barks? Or how they become bullies chasing beings perceived as a threat? Or how they stubbornly protect their owners despite their height […]

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What Small Dog Breed Is Best For You?

Small dog breeds are also called toy dogs. The dogs are the smallest types of dogs available. Small dogs also tend to be less expensive then larger dogs as they eat less, due to their size, and generally have less mess, less shedding and generally less cost. Originally these small breeds came from ancient lap […]

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KONG Extreme Goodie Bone Dog Toy, Medium, Black

Product DescriptionWhat dog can resist a treat-filled toy? Dogs stay busy removing tantalizing KONG treats from the patented Goodie Grippers of the KONG Extreme Goodie Bone. Recommended for high-drive adult dogs that are aggressive chewers. Medium bone made with Extreme KONG Hard/Most Durable ReviewThis exceptionally durable bone-shaped chew is designed to stand up to […]

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The Most Popular Miniature Dogs

Miniature dogs are smaller types of the dog family. They are commonly called toy dogs because of their small size. Learn more on some of the most popular miniature dogs. Many people all over the world own dogs for different reasons. They are considered as man’s best friend. There are so many breeds of dogs […]

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Miniature & Toy Dog Breeds – A Complete Guide

The group known as miniature dogs or toy dogs are a group of small sized dogs. These small dogs can also be referred to as teacup dogs. Toy dogs can encompass many different breeds of dog. These toy dogs have many individual characteristics that make them different to larger varieties of dog. Toy dogs are […]

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The Best In Chihuahua Dog Care Starts With You

When you get your new Chihuahua, it is important that you realize that Chihuahua puppy care starts with you. There are so many things that you might want to be a part of when you get your new dog, and it might be very intimidating because there are so many things to think about when […]

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6 Classes Of Small Dogs – Part Two

In part 2 of this article, we look at small dogs in the herding, terrier, non-sporting, and toy groups. Terrier Dogs Terrier dogs were bred to hunt – rats, rabbits, foxes, and even badgers, river rats, and otters. These days, almost all terriers are bought as pets. And with their affectionate and loyal temperament, they […]

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Small Dogs – The Brussels Griffon, Welsh Terriers, and the Whippet

Unless you have a particular type of dog in mind, it can be hard to decide which breed to get. The first step is to think about the size of the dog is most suitable to your needs and environment. Can you manage a large dog where you live? Or do you live in a […]

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A Glimpse on the Various Terrier dog breeds

A Glimpse on the Various Terrier dog breeds Whatever your dog preference is, you are sure to find terrier dogs among the candidates for a pal. You’ll get energy you want with little grooming and added wit. Basically bred for hunting and killing vermin, Terrier dogs are now known to offer wide spectrum of features […]

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Does Your Barking Dog Drive You Mad?

For some people it is an offence to have a barking dog around them, they think that dogs should be seen and not heard. This is slightly unfair given that the bark is a dog’s voice and like yourself it uses it to communicate. Of course barking is your dog’s way of talking and many […]

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