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Q&A: What’s the funniest thing your pet has done?

Question by Jayne S: What’s the funniest thing your pet has done? We were at a pet store with our dog and in the front of the store there was a display of a large pen with a doghouse inside. They had placed a plush toy dog in front of the doghouse and my dog […]

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Toy Dog Breeds Advantages and Breeding

Toy dogs are beloved by many. They are loyal and intelligent and especially good at learning tricks. They are known for being very loving and loyal with their owners. Toy dogs are great choices for people with allergies or limited space, as they are generally docile and have less fur to irritate sensitive people. They […]

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What Is The Best Short Haired Toy Dog?

A reader asked.. My girlfriend and I have just bought our first house and are looking for a toy dog. We would prefer a short haired dog that doesnt bark and yap a lot. we were thinking of a minature pinscher. or a chihuaua. But still are not so sure. If you know of a […]

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Im Looking For A Toy Dog To Home And Love?

A reader asked.. I have a three bedroom house with garden, looking for an unwanted dog toy if someone has one and is looking for a good home. I live in Great Britain, North London, no children,

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Purchasing Dog Toys – Ensure Your Dog’s Safety First!

Dog owners like to think their dogs like their children. “That’s my boy,” he says, referring to their dogs. He finds himself like a mummy “or” talk to Daddy, “while the dogs too. Of course, they get their dogs, some toys to play with. Choosing the right dog toys can be very difficult. People love […]

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What Is The Perfect Name For A Female That Is A Toy Dog Size?

A Reader Asks… Hello, I am interested in getting a female toy breed dog and want the perfect name for her. I can not think of any and wanted some opinions. I like real names like Riley or Daisy but can not use those. Thanks! 🙂

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Why Is It Hard To Train A Toy Dog?

A Reader Asks… I was wondering why it is hard to house train a dog in the Toy Group? Like Pappilons?

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How Much Would It Cost To Keep A Small Toy Dog?

A Reader Asks… I never had a dog before, and I’m interested in buying a small toy dog, not sure which kind, but ive had my eye on the manchester terrier. I’d just like to know, how much would it cost per month – so vet shots and medicines? also how much per month for […]

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Where Can I Get A Teacup Or Toy Dog In Midwest?

A Reader Asks… I am thinking of getting a small toy or teacup dog- not sure what kind to get or where to get it from. I want something near WI, so I dont have to ship the animal. I also perfer it not shed like crazy.

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What Are The Best Type Of Toy Or Teacup Dog To Buy And Why?

A Reader Asks… I’m trying to decide what type of toy dog i should get. Can someone please help me out?

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