Thousands Of Dollars


Your Pet Will Love The Benefits Of Selecting A The Right Sized Dog Purse Carrier For Your Small Doggie

Many of the top pop singers, socialites, and Hollywood stars carrying around their dog with flair in a dog purse carrier. Most of us cannot afford to put down the thousands of dollars demanded for those snazzy designer brand dog purse carriers. That does not mean we cannot carry our dog in style. Prior to […]

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Looking For The Perfect Free Puppy

There are so many reasons to bring a new puppy into the home that the list could go on and on forever. The thing is though, while the decision to pick up a free puppy may be an easy one, picking just the right one is much harder. Whether it is a free yorkie puppy […]

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“Hybrid” dog – Isn’t that just another word for Mutt?

“Hybrid” dog – Isn’t that just another word for Mutt? Every day we hear more about the new “hybrid” dogs, or “designer” dogs. Each feature is accompanied by pictures of adorable puppies that are examples of this new “breed of dog.” Of course they’re cute! All puppies are! Should you pay hundreds, and in some […]

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