Pomeranian Video: Our tiny white micro / teacup pomeranian puppy

❤ Instagram: Flyingmio ❤ Share stuff with me at #flyingmio ❤ Twitter: Flyingmio ❤ ❤ Facebook Flyingmio ❤ Hi everyone! This is the newest addition to our family: Coconut She is a small micro / teacup pomeranian. We didn’t actively look for a small pomeranian, it just so happened that she was this tiny. She’s […]

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Q&A: how much does a teacup yorkie cost?

by cutestsmalldogs Question by Chloe B: how much does a teacup yorkie cost? i really want a tecup yorkie but i dont know how expensive they are…. so if u could plz answer…. Best answer: there is no such thing as teacup ! gahh. teacup is just a term backyard breeders say . and it […]

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“Teacup” Dogs?

Question by Ya: “Teacup” Dogs? I know that there are a lot of very intelligent people in the dogs section, with a lot of information to share. I would just like the general breeding process explained (how do they get such small dogs) and what are the disadvantages of these miniature breeds? I absolutely do […]

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A Teacup Dog?

Question by Julia: A Teacup Dog? Is There Any Such Ting As A “Teacup” Dog? Best answer: Answer by bassetnutNope, it’s just a marketing term used to sell undersized dogs to gullible people. What do you think? Answer below!

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Q&A: Information on teacup beagles…?

Question by none: Information on teacup beagles…? I want one for Christmas and I need information to show my parents that I have looked into it and everything… Information on their size, weight, height, etc. Thanks. Best answer: Answer by UHave2BeKiddingMeI have the link here to the only real pocket beagle. Free shipping and health […]

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Q&A: How are “teacup” & “pocket” dogs created?

by TheChanel Question by Toop Are they healthy dogs? Why would people want to create “Pocket Beagles” for example…? What is the purpose of making them smaller? To fit in their pockets? I don’t understand. What would you call breeders who purposely breed these dogs? Best answer: Answer by K Cali22(Say it majestically) I believe […]

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Ryan Ross from PATD has a “Teacup Beagle”?

Question by Janelle: Ryan Ross from PATD has a “Teacup Beagle”? Where do you think he got it? Do you think this will have a negative effect on the breed and to what extent? panic(k) (sorry if I got your name wrong), I heard from a friend that she was a teacup beagle. Also, I […]

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Doggles Dog Harness Dress, Yellow, Teacup

Doggles Dog Harness Dress, Yellow, Teacup : Pet Dresses : Pet Supplies

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Teacup Dog Bowl

Teacup Dog Bowl
Teacup Dog Bowl
Price: $8.00
Sale: $6.00

Teacup Dog Bowl. These dainty porcelain dog bowls are perfect for your petite pet. Features contrasting colors on the inside and out. Sold individually. Dishwasher safe (top rack only). Available in two sizes: 4.25 inches in diameter holds 1/2 cup 5.25 inches in diameter holds 1 cup

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Where Can I Get A Teacup Or Toy Dog In Midwest?

A Reader Asks… I am thinking of getting a small toy or teacup dog- not sure what kind to get or where to get it from. I want something near WI, so I dont have to ship the animal. I also perfer it not shed like crazy.

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