teacup yorkie training


Dog Who Are Trained Are Well Behaved

Dogs like Yorkshire terriers bark for hours if left alone in the house. The yorkie breed of dog loves companionship.

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Mealtime Training

Yorkies will understand games, a prime way to teach a dog. Games that use positive reinforcement as a learning tool should allow the yorkie to learn in under an hour what he is supposed to do.

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Training Your Pet

If my mother’s yorkie dog cracks a bone he instantly drops it out on the plate and very carefully picks the food away from it. In the same way, my friend can give her dog a big piece of bone and tell him to eat it as long as it doesn’t splinter.

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Training Creates Structure For Dogs

Once my mom owned a yorkie who loved to steal food. She decided to teach the dog proper behavior, to refrain from stealing food whenever he was tempted.

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Teacup Yorkie Training

After a dog is trained to use a lead they often become so well-trained that he doesn’t need the command ‘sit’ as you stop. The dog knows what to do.

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