Best Practices For Taking Boston Terrier Pictures

Wouldn’t it be great to have a picture of your adorable, loyal Boston Terrier on a tee shirt, a screensaver, a mouse pad or a coffee mug? By following a few simple tips for taking outstanding Boston Terrier pictures, you’ll be able to take high quality photos of your dog with an inexpensive digital camera, […]

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People taking their pet's medicine?

People taking their pet's medicine? Luckily, the child was not harmed by the dog's ear drops but he did miss an important treatment for his ear infection. Here are a few tips to help prevent mix-ups with pets' medicines in your home: Keep in mind that many medicines intended for pets … Read more on […]

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Dog rescue group struggles with confusion over taking in abused dog

By SAMANTHA MANNING6 News Reporter GREENEVILLE (WATE) – The head of a dog rescue group says she could not rescue an abused dog and fears it would be euthanized. The charge is the latest in several that have been leveled against the Campbell County shelter and its director, Betty Crumley. This situation, however, may be the […]

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Should I buy my dog a muzzle when taking her to the dog beach?

Question by : Should I buy my dog a muzzle when taking her to the dog beach? My new dog played with our neighbor’s dog a few months ago, but she hasn’t socialized with a dog since (as in one on one). Last week, so started to bark at a dog, and nipped my cousin’s […]

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Taking Care of My Best Friend

Dog grooming is an essential part of being a dog owner. For most it can be difficult to trust a stranger with your best friend. You need to be able to trust someone to do the right job as well as treat your dog with the love, affection and care that they deserve. Doggie Dip […]

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Taking Care of Your Irish Setter

Irish Setters are extremely swift, with an excellent sense of smell and are hardy over any terrain and in any climate. The Irish Setter is used for all types of hunting. Irish Setters have balanced, elegant, medium-sized frames (sometimes larger) covered in silky red coats that grow long on the ears, tails and chests. Their […]

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Learn To Take The Stress Out Of Taking Your Dog To The Vets

A check out to the vet can be quite demanding for both pet and owner. When you understand something is incorrect with your pet, specifically. This post offers some sensible suggestions to assist minimize the effect of this demanding occasion. Taking your family pet to the vets’ workplace can be an experience all by itself. […]

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