Pembroke Welsh Corgi Takes a Swinging Lesson

Pembroke Welsh Corgi Takes a Swinging Lesson Pembroke Welsh Corgi is one great, loving, adaptable dog ever known. They are always eager to learn, explore and experiment new things. It is in the nature of a corgi to watch and protect. If one is ever in need of a dog that is easier to train […]

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Hazlett: Bringing up puppy takes toll – Bloomington Pantagraph (blog)

Hazlett: Bringing up puppy takes toll – Bloomington Pantagraph (blog) Hazlett: Bringing up puppy takes tollBloomington Pantagraph (blog)The four-legged baby of the family allegedly is an Australian shepherd and Corgi mix. I say allegedly because there's a hint of St. Bernard in him. His face is big and happy, with an honest grin and lots […]

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BLIND woman Hazel Wilson threatened a council with legal action – after her guide dog refused to lead her down a rubbish-strewn alleyway. The 50-year-old demanded the removal of the fly-tipped waste – including needles, nappies and furniture – amid fears she or her dog may be injured Tilly the guide dog with owner Hazel […]

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Dog Takes Accidental Trip to Ireland After Airline’s Slip-Up

A dog meant to meet his family in Phoenix, Ariz., ended up on a plane to Ireland after he was mistakenly put on the wrong flight from a New Jersey airport. Edith Lombardo-Albach of Staten Island, N.Y., told ABCNews.com that her six-year-old English Springer Spaniel named Hendrix was scheduled to arrive in Phoenix Sky Harbor […]

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Blind Dog Takes Walks with a Guide Cat

by kwc People Pets By Amy Jamieson 12/30/2012 at 11:10 AM EST Terfel the dog and Pwditat the cat Four years ago, a tomcat showed up at Judy Godfrey-Brown’s door in Anglesey, Wales, on a mission. When the animal lover accepted the stray into her brood of cats and dogs, “he ignored everybody and went […]

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Dog Training Advice- What it takes to train your dog properly!

Hey guys Allan here. Here is some dog training advice to help you dog lovers get the ball rolling with training your dog! Pay very close attention to these tips! Being Enthusiastic- It is extremely important to make positive reinforcement the foundation of your dog training. While you spend time training your dog you need […]

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Snapping Dog Takes Over Yuma Family’s Fridge

Snapping Dog Takes Over Yuma Family’s Fridge A dog gave a Yuma family quite a story to tell after it rushed into their apartment, evaded capture and then escaped to their refrigerator. Read more on CBS 5 Phoenix Meridian Dog Food Company Gets National Attention They call their natural food “Dynamite” for a reason. Now […]

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Dog takes star turn at Westminster show

Dog takes star turn at Westminster show PALMYRA – If you were watching the Westminster Kennel Club dog show on USA Network on Tuesday night, you may have seen a skit were the announcers feigned technical difficulties. Read more on Lebanon Daily News Dog Show on February 19, 2011 65209-kb-gallery-kw-021911-dog-show-1-71085.jpg 39189-kb-gallery-kw-021911-dog-show-11-71095.jpg A Dog Show hosted […]

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Saint Bernard Puppy Training Takes Patience

Saint Bernard puppy training will take a lot of patience from its new family. Although cute and cuddly with a large tongue and lots of fur, this pup has a very fast growth rate. He will be a bear of a puppy in no time at all. The Saint Bernard’s fast growth is a trait […]

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