Chain removed from puppy's stomach

Buster the Staffordshire Bull terrier puppy needed emergency surgery after swallowing a two-foot long metal lead, his owners have said. The playful nine-month-old ate his chain after grabbing it while Des Connor was on the phone. Buster’s owner Jackie Stephenson, 38, from Middlesbrough said: “I was in bed ill at the time, when my partner […]

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Serious Digestive Problems In Your Dog

Prevent Dog Barking Although many pets do well on one feeding daily, the dog is among the breeds at risk for torsion, an often fatal, always dangerous digestive problem that occurs chiefly in deep-chested animals. The sign of torsion is bloating where the stomach becomes filled with gas. If not noticed early, dogs would have […]

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DEADLY dog toy Warning! PLEASE read details.

I lost my beloved Brandi today, April 6, 2009…. AND the seven (7) puppies she was due to have on April 16th, because of this “toy”. If you have one for your dog, THROW IT AWAY ASAP!! It killed my beloved Brandi and her 7 babies! You can see what a beautiful girl she was […]

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Raised Dog Bowls – Allowing Your Dog To Eat In Comfort

Your dogs food and water dishes are extremely important. You may not realize that, but honestly, there are a lot of things you need to think about when choosing the right bowls. If you have a big dog, there are things to factor in; likewise, you have to do the same with smaller dogs. This […]

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