Spring Time

Dog Activities

Spring and Summer Activities with Your Dog

Summer is an ideal time for nice memories with animals. There are so many outdoor activities out there that it’s easy to name a dog this season. From summer walks to beach walks in parks, there are many things you can do with your dog in summer. Swimming is very fun for dog Many dogs […]

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Tips For Raising A Mastiff Pup

Raising a mastiff is much the same as caring for any other breed of dog. You should take care to begin training your mastiff puppy as soon as you can, as well as develop a good exercise routine. Mastiff training can be a bit difficult if you aren’t persistent. Your mastiff will need a good […]

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Canine Parvo Treatment – Test Your Knowledge

It’s already Spring time, which means the Parvo season is upon us already, and there is a much more aggressive strain of Parvo that is killing dogs at a truly alarming rate. The 2c Strain can kill both adult dogs and puppies within 6-12 hours after symptoms first appear, even though they may be fully-vaccinated […]

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