How Safe Are Those Spiked Training Dog Collars?

A reader asked.. the collars with spikes on the inside that poke the dog if it tries to run while you’re walking it. my brothers ***** girlfriend uses one on my dog because she can’t handle her. (my dog’s a husky)

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Does Anyone Know Where I Can Buy Spiked Dog Collars?

A reader asked.. I live in La Puente California, im looking for spiked dog collars, but iam looking for the 3 to 4 inches wide dog collars not the regular ones. I own a couple of Pitbulls. Does anyone know of a place around here or online i could check out?

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Spiked Dog Collars – Dog Fashion From History

Indeed, dogs is man’s best friends. That can be the reason behind every dog owner’s desire to spice up the appearance of their dogs through unusual fashion. 
Through the years, dog collars have always been an important and fashionable accessory to dogs, regardless of their breeds. Function-wise, dog collars serve as the handle that links […]

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