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Social network research may boost prairie dog conservation efforts

Researchers using statistical tools to map social connections in prairie dogs have uncovered relationships that escaped traditional observational techniques, shedding light on prairie dog communities that may help limit the spread of bubonic plague and guide future conservation efforts. The work was done by researchers from North Carolina State University and the National Evolutionary Synthesis […]

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4 DIY Pet Help Websites And Communities

Animal lovers reading this know that a pet is part of the family. You love them, care for them, have fun with them, build memories with them…just like you would any other person within your home. But sometimes they get sick, and more effort has to be put in to let them regain their health. […]

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Have You Gotten Your Dog Culture Today?

Every once in awhile we like to visit and check out other dog websites and blogs. This time we visited what can be best described as a dog social networking site named “Dog Culture”. Some of the services Dog Culture offers: Dog News, Classified Ads, a Pet Services directory, User Groups, Forums, Blogging, and a […]

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Where My Dogs At: A social network for man and man's best friend

Where My Dogs At is a new social networking app angled at dog lovers and their four-legged friends looking for local dog-friendly places to go and people to meet. Think Facebook for Fido, with a “Yelp for dogs” approach, built around a location-based search and rating of dog-friendly businesses, restaurants, parks and apartments with detailed […]

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