Smooth Coat


Dachshund – Facts You Must Know Before Adopting Dachshund

by geckoam The Dachshund is an AKC registered dog breed. The following article reviews the breed. Breed Description The Dachshund is an elongated low to the ground breed of dog that belongs to the hound family. They come in 2 sizes, the standard and miniature, and with 3 types of coats, the smooth, long, and […]

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Chihuahua Coats: Smooth And Long Haired

We all have a basic idea of what your average Chihuahua looks like, but did you know that it is classified by the type of coat it has? The two main types of Chihuahua coats are the smooth coat and long coat/long haired Chihuahua. In the smooth coat variety, the texture is smooth, glossy, and […]

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