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Q&A: Is there a way to keep athletic dogs safer?

Question by Baa_Baa_Blacksheep: Is there a way to keep athletic dogs safer? I was just sitting around comparing two common athletic pets (horses and dogs) and was kinda wondering if there were more steps to keep dogs safe. I know there are booties for sled dogs but is that it? I hear dogs get injured […]

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Article: Sled Dog Breeds And Sled Dog Racing

Article by Rebecca Prescott Sled dog breeds are characterized by endurance, strength, and intelligence. They are usually medium to larger dogs, with a very muscular build, and have helped mankind transport supplies in times before the automobile. Nowadays, sled dog breeds are found as pets, as well as trained to participate in sled dog racing. […]

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Men and dogsled team at campsite

Men and dogsled team at campsite Image by UW Digital Collections Men and dogsled team at campsite in snow, location unknown, n.d. Photographer: Unknown Subjects (LCSH): Sled dogs–Alaska Cold weather clothing–Alaska Digital Collection: Alaska, Western Canada and United States Collection Item Number: AWC0434 Persistent URL:,351 Visit Special Collections reproductions and rights page for […]

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Shelter with ‘doomed’ dogs helped lead pet food drive in 2009

Shelter with ‘doomed’ dogs helped lead pet food drive in 2009 Just over a year ago, Kathy Drelicharz helped Muddy Paws Dog Rescue in a drive with other shelters to restock pantries with pet food and supplies to help struggling families overwhelmed by the poor economy. Read more on Daily Herald Escape Magazine: Dog Days […]

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Alaskan Malamute

One look at an Alaskan Malamute and this animal’s beauty will take your breath away! Although it is a unique breed, its appearance is very similar to the Siberian Husky. Just like the Siberian Husky, this breed of dog is characterized by its beautiful almond shaped eyes and striking white and gray thick coat. This […]

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It’s Not a Wolf, It’s a Tamaskan!

It’s a wolf! Or…is it a sled dog? No, actually, it’s a Tamaskan. Tamaskan dogs do not contain any Wolf, Czech Wolf-dog or Saarloos content. Generally full of fun and comedic in nature. they have also been known to excel in obedience, agility, sled pulling and musical freestyle. And their calm and laid back nature […]

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