Skin Allergies


The Responsibilities Of Raising A Pug

The pug breed has been registered with the American Kennel Association since 1885, and are first known to come from China, where they were used as not only a companion, but as a guard-dog. Pugs are very particular when it comes to comfort. They do not like to be either too hot or too cold, […]

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Taking Care of Your Dog’s Ears

The most common ear problem that plagues or pets is the inflammation or infection of the outer ear canal, technically called otitis externa. The area between the outside opening and the eardrum can be irritated by infections, parasites, allergies and foreign objects. Signs of Ear Problems Signs of irritation include scratching, shaking the head, and […]

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Dog Information on Allergies

If you are one of the many people who suffer from allergies you know how uncomfortable it can be. Imagine how hard it must be for your dog to suffer with allergies. She cannot complain and she cannot ask for help. So as responsible dog owners it is up to us to figure out when […]

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