Dog Training – Teach your dog to stay in kennel

Having your dog steady or to ‘stay’ can be made easier by using an open kennel for all that you teach. This dog training video shows retriever training with gunfire and a dog learning to stay, but the gunfire is also used in teaching a protection dog the same thing, all without interfering with the […]

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Have Dog Jumping Problems?

A key part of training your dog is to teach him to not jump up on people. Puppies often show their excitement by jumping. As it puppy, it may not seem like a big deal. However, when the puppy grows up, it is a much bigger issue. If you dog jumps on someone it could […]

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Dog travel: the safe way

It’s a sure bet that you’re either a ‘dog’ person or a ‘cat’ person; if you’re a dog person and you have a dog, then you love to take it everywhere you go. However did you know if you’re travelling in a car with your pet pooch, then they are at just as much risk […]

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Train Your Puppy The Right Way

Here’s a little advice about how to train a puppy. Puppy training doesn’t have to be difficult. It may take a little patience, but dogs are smart and their goal is to make you happy. When you are annoyed with your dog, keep this in mind. There are heaps of books, videos and websites about […]

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Preventing Aggressive Behavior Towards Food In Your Dog

Food aggression is most often seen in dogs who are rescued from homes where they were abused or neglected. Biting, growling, or snapping are all forms of food aggression. When attempting to pat your dog whilst its in the processs of eating it may well turn aggressively towards you. Self-preservation is the most common source […]

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Teach Puppy To Sit And Stay

The new owner of every little puppy should devote the first few weeks it is with them to certain basic puppy training tasks. Training the puppy when it is very young is very important. This article will deal with the two basic verbal commands SIT and STAY and Crate training. It is also very important […]

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The 'come dog' training command

When you set out to teach your pet to come, there are a few secrets, tips and tricks that I'll share with you, to get fast success! I have adapted these free techniques from the outstanding ‘Secrets to Dog Training‘ by Daniel Stephens. Read more here, by checking the product out now. “Come dog” Firstly, […]

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Training Your Dog - The "Lay Down" Command

Training your dog to obey commands is an important part of pet ownership. When your dog is properly trained, it is much easier for you to communicate with him and this enhances your relationship. This can also help save your pet from harm. Dogs want your praise, so using positive reinforcement when training your dog […]

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How To Training Your Puppy

In the good old days, puppy training began only after one’s pet had reached six months of age and it was also not uncommon for trainers to suggest that the training not begin before the pet had reached one year of age. Now-a-days, people that bring home a puppy will get started with training them […]

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Furreal Friends Biscuit – Fake Dog, But Real Fun

Furreal Friends Biscuit is a toy dog that you might want to consider bringing into your home. After all, he doesn’t make messes, doesn’t need to be brushed or bathed, and, if he gets too yappy, you can turn him off with the flip of a switch. Biscuit is starting to sound like an ideal […]

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