Sick Dog’s Life Saved Minutes Before Euthanization

Sick Dog’s Life Saved Minutes Before Euthanization A couple of Portland, Oregon, dog owners are breathing a huge sigh of relief following the unexpected discovery of why their 10-year-old Shetland Sheepdog had fallen dangerously ill. The dog, named Ollie, was weak and lethargic at first, and his condition … Continue reading at The world’s […]

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Sick As a Dog: Is it Time to Take Your Dog to the Vet?

Dogs, like people, occasionally get sick. But just like we don’t go to the doctor for every cold, our dogs don’t need to go the vet for every little cough. That being said, how do you know when the illness is serious for a trip to the vet? Below is a list of 5 common […]

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‘ Puppy lemon law’ would provide recourse if recently purchased pet is sick

SPRINGFIELD — Illinoisans who buy a dog or cat that turns out to be seriously ill would have a new legal remedy under a proposal being considered by state legislators. State Sen. Dan Kotowski, D-Park Ridge, is fine-tuning a proposal commonly called a “puppy lemon law.” At least 20 states have such laws, which outline […]

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Video: Sick puppy treated with vodka

As an antifreeze poisoning treatment, ethanol prevents the key ingredient in antifreeze, the ethylene glycol, from being metabolized into toxic chemicals in the body. This lets the body remove the ethylene glycol harmlessly through the body’s waste. Simply speaking, the ethanol lets you “pee it out”. Ethylene glycol is the major ingredient of almost all […]

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