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What the Heck is a Gerberian Shepsky?

Quite frankly, I’ve never heard that one before. Sure, we all kinds of doodle and -oodle and -poo designer breeds, and I’ve even heard of some -inu and quite a few -eagle breeds as well. Though, actually they are not breeds per se, but “hybrids”. That is – until they start breeding true after a certain […]

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5 Dog Breeds Most Difficult To Train

Making a Kids Mistake When Choosing a Dog Breed Children, young adults and college age kids rarely decide what dog they are going to purchase based on any factors other than the cuteness, handsomeness, or coolness of a breed. As a result, many dogs end up in homes that are ill suited for their needs. […]

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Dog adoption?

Query by f8isvir2: Dog adoption? My mom desires to give my canine away for adoption… he is about 12 a long time outdated, siberian husky. Do adoption companies get puppies at that age? Where can we give him? Finest solution: Remedy by julie dYou don’t say why your mum wants to give him away.Animal shelters […]

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Important Facts to Consider with Siberian Husky Puppy Care

The Siberian husky was originally bred centuries ago by the Chukchi tribes that lived in the northern area of Asia. The first purpose of the dog was for pulling sleds, and in the early 1900’s these dogs were brought to Alaska to compete in dog-sledding competitions. Many were quick to note the abilities of these […]

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Siberian Huskies may have the cure for diabetes

Siberian Huskies that race in the Iditarod are some of the most energy efficient animals on the planet. They hardly show normal signs of fatigue after running hundreds of miles day after day Is is possible that their fat burning knack help to locate ways to treat and stop obesity type 2 diabetes? On the […]

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Why You Want to Buy a Siberian Husky Puppy

There are literally thousands of different breeds of dog that you can choose from, but the Siberian Husky reigns as one of the most popular of them all. You may be interested at first in going to buy a Yorkshire Terrier puppy, but after you hear this information on why you should want to buy […]

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Alaskan Malamute

One take a look at an Alaskan Malamute and this animal’s appeal will take your breath away! It is a special type, its look is really comparable to the Siberian Husky. Much like the Siberian Husky, this type of pet is identified by its lovely almond formed eyes and striking white and gray thick coat. […]

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A Guide to Odorless Dog Breeds

, the” barkless” pets, are pets with no smell and are light shedders, making them best buddies for those with allergic reactions. They are well understand for their yodeling noise rather than the sharp barking noise made by other pets. Silky Terriers are little, reasonably non-stinky pets that shed no fur and make fantastic indoor […]

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