German Pointer Video: Diving German Shorthaired Pointer

* Cookie – 11 month old diving under water to retrieve toy. Diving German Shorthaired Pointer German Pointer * These German Shorthaired Pointer puppies were born on the 4th of July 2011 and they are for sale. We are professional breeders. has more pictures and videos of these puppies for sale. German Shorthaired Pointer […]

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German Pointer Video: German Shorthaired Pointer Dog Hates Alarm Clock

* This is my dog Adenine, a German Shorthaired Pointer, waking up to my alarm in the morning. He hates the alarm and howls at it until it turns off. Adenine is about 2 years old in this video. German Shorthaired Pointer Dog Hates Alarm Clock German Pointer Some recent German Pointer sales on Amazon: […]

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German Pointer Video: Dieter German Shorthaired Pointer pointing at fly

* Dieter German Shorthaired Pointer pointing at fly in the house. 15 weeks – GSP liver roan from Double G Sportsman in Poynor, TX. Brent Gallo is an exceptional trainer/breeder that I highly recommend. German Pointer Most popular German Pointer Amazon products: Dog Rules German Shorthaired Pointer Wall Decor Pet Saying Dog Saying All breeds […]

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German Pointer Video: German Shorthaired Pointer & Mourning Doves – Benelli

* Our German Shorthaired Pointed named Benelli points at some Mourning Doves while out in the yard. The video also does not show the Robin that was dive-boming Benelli due to the nest and chicks in the tree next to the morning doves. Benelli broke his point after the Robin buzzed over top his head. […]

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Funny German Shorthaired Pointer

The squirrel in this video has no idea how lucky he is. Fortunately for him, a glass window separates a German Shorthaired Pointer and his dinner. This funny dog swipes and claws at the window to no avail. Continue reading at georgeandberlin Image by NorCalGSPrescue Freckles is the cutest little six-seven month Dalmatian-German Shorthaired […]

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Breed Basics: German Shorthaired Pointer

The German Shorthaired Pointer (GSP) belongs to a group of dogs known as versatile hunting dogs. They are meant to fill all the roles a hunter requires including locating game, pointing it, retrieving it, tracking it, etc. They should hunt on land and in … Continue reading at For Chloe, our border collie, that […]

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Ideal Diet For A German Shorthaired

Have you ever walked into a pet store feeling confused about the kind of dog diet for your beloved pet? Rows and rows of pet food lines the shelves, and it seems that finding the ideal food for your German Shorthaired Pointer can be challenging. Thankfully, there are several guides that you can follow to […]

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German Pointer Video: dogs 101 – german shorthaired pointer

* I do not own anything, All rights to Animal Planet dogs 101 – german shorthaired pointer German Pointer German Pointer on Amazon: German Shorthaired Pointer OrnamentThe German Pointer in Heart ornament is a fun ornament for the unabashed dog lover. Make your canine pet a part of your Christmas … German Shorthaired Pointers (Complete […]

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Dog in Gait Pin – German Shorthaired Pointer

Dog in Gait Pin – German Shorthaired Pointer ^ Beautiful lapel pins that feature your favorite dog in gait. The atistry is truly amazing, capturing the essence of the breed in motion. Each lapel pin is handcrafted of artist grade acrylic making them extremely light and durable. Each unique piece is handcut, handpainted, and then […]

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Q&A: What’s a good type brush for a short-haired cat?

Question by realitytest: What’s a good type brush for a short-haired cat? My cat is a short-hair. I used a furminator on my previous cat, but this guy won’t stand for it. Primarily, I want something to get some of the dirt off him when he comes inside. (He is mostly white and loves to […]

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