Stop Your Dog Chewing Problems,, 7 Sure Tips

Is your dog chewing up everything in sight?  This is one of the most frustrating dog behavior problems to deal with.  However, with the right dog training advice, you can solve this problem.  Here are seven tips to get you started. 1.  Give Him Lots Of Attention Your dog needs lots of one-on-one time with […]

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Dog Toys and the best way to be safe and have fun

Dog toys can be fun but they are among the most important items you provide for your dog. Dog toys all have a purpose, it can be chewed, or made to squeak or play tug o war with. The dog toys are his and you do not get involved with – this covers the chewable […]

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Bark ‘N Boots Dog Shoe Liners

Bark ‘N Boots Dog Shoe LinersRetail price: $10.75 Sale price: $2.50 Made of rugged, double-knit fabric with reinforced toes and cuffs, our Barkn Boots Liners alleviate chafe and wick moisture to keep your dogs paws warm and comfortable, every step of the journey. Sold as a set of four liners More information

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