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All the Reasons Why You Should Get a Service Dog Right Away!

It is said that there is nothing more genuine anywhere than the love of a good dog. And for the right reasons as there is no other animal that has displayed such loyalty and dedication towards its owner. While playing with these furry animals, they trigger our basic and most primal instincts. Petting and playing […]

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Types & Uses of Dog Training Collar

Types of Dog Training Collars A dog barks and a stain leaves marks. You cannot negate them. However, with some tactic, you can lessen their impact. Some dogs bite unnecessarily, some that bark offensively and some are habitually quiet. With different sorts of dog training collars, they can all be made to behave. In this […]

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Diabetic Alert Dogs – Saving Lives

A dog’s ability to smell and detect odors far exceeds that of a human. This skill helps them to find food, detect danger and, with special training, identify when its owner is suffering from low blood sugar levels. The right dogs, given appropriate training, can be taught to not only sense this condition, but to […]

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Dogs trained to help war veterans

updated 2:23 PM EST, Tue November 5, 2013 Former Army Spc. Karl Fleming rarely ventured outside before he got Kuchar, a service dog trained to help soldiers. This Veteran’s Day, join HLN for a special tribute to service dogs: Stories of Courage: K9s for Warriors, premieres Monday, November 11, on HLN at 7 p.m. ET. […]

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Veteran surrenders service dog to Montrose authorities

MONTROSE — Dutch the service dog is back in custody as its owner mounts a legal fight to keep him. Jeremiah Aguilar surrendered Dutch to authorities just days before the military veteran is scheduled to go before a judge for refusing to let the dog be euthanized. Dutch has been ruled a danger because of […]

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Woman Who Refused to Give Dog Back Agrees to Plea Deal

An Oregon woman who took a loose dog home and refused to give him back to his owner has given up her months-long fight to keep the canine. Jordan Biggs, 20, pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor theft charge Friday in a Corvallis, Ore., courtroom, as part of an agreement arranged between her attorney and the […]

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I like: Plush Football Dog Toy

Plush Football Dog Toy Plush Football Dog Toy. Game On! Just in time for football season, this toy is for the four-legged sports lover in your house. Perfect for retrieving, squeaking and squeezing! Machine washable. Pets should be supervised when playing with toys as no toy is completely indestructible. Sizing: 6 in. List Price: $ […]

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Service Dog Training: How to Prepare Your Dog

Assistance dogs come in a variety of types: guiding dogs, hearing dogs and service dogs. At their core, all trainings aim to do the same thing: train a dog to help people that can’t do their daily tasks properly because they have some disabilities. Such dogs will help people that have problems with their sight […]

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What Is The Process For Training My Dog To Become A Service Dog? What Sort Of Programs Are Available?

A Reader Asks… I foster strays and am interested in training them as service dogs. I would be interested in therapy, guide dog training, service dog training, or anything else along those lines. Does anyone know any resources?

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