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Chester the Traveling Dog

My dog Chester, the Weston terrier is one of the most adorable and kind dogs you will ever find. In all of my time as his owner- about 10 years now – I have never seen him act even remotely aggressive. But his tale spans from the UK to Trinidad. And along the way he […]

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Did You Know Dogs Can Get Diabetes? Watch For These Symptoms

The rate of canine diabetes is skyrocketing. However, the sad fact is that many pet owners still don’t know the symptoms of diabetes in dogs. Diabetes leads to cataracts in dogs, along with sudden blindness. Your pet can also go into a diabetic coma and die. Prevent this tragic scenario by being alert for the […]

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High Quality Dog Food, Means Good Health For Your Dog?

Keep A Dog Healthy What is your dog’s nutritional needs? What are you feeding your dog? Does this food satisfy your dogs requirement? These are the primary factors that you should consider in purchasing a dog food. The first step is to determine what your dog needs then you should also know what is in […]

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