SPCA Auckland seeks homes for seniors

SPCA Auckland seeks homes for seniors Chief executive Andrea Midgen says older dogs can take a long time to rehome because many people prefer to adopt puppies instead. Caesar needs an owner who will take the time to give him training and treat him as part of the family. Continue reading at Cocktail event […]

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ANN ARBOR: Online survey seeks Ann Arbor dog park input

Ann Arbor’s Dog Park Subcommittee of the Park Advisory Commission (PAC) is inviting the public to participate in an online survey to gather feedback and opinions on potential dog park locations and features. The survey,, is brief and should take about 10 minutes to fill out. Everyone is invited to take this survey, dog […]

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Cloning Contest Seeks Worthiest UK Dog

Puppy lovers in the United Kingdom may soon get a chance to extend their dog years, thanks to an odd new contest: A South Korean company wants to clone the most beloved U.K. pooch — again raising ethical questions about the practice of pet cloning. Headed by a former stem-cell researcher named Woo-Suk Hwang, the […]

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Abandoned puppy with untraditional looks seeks new home

The dog, named Wonky, suffers a leg condition that has caused the “knuckling” of her joints, leaving her under-developed front legs bending outwards. She was found wandering the streets as a stray and brought to the Dogs Trust in Leeds earlier this month, but staff are worried the eleven-week-old Staffordshire cross may struggle to find […]

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