Horror as pet dog ‘ripped open’ by rottweiler

A FURIOUS dog owner has told of the moment her prized pet was “ripped open” by a Rottweiler in a horrifying attack. Joan Bell, of Outwood Road, has spent £2,434.95 on veterinary treatment to nurse eight-year-old Yorkshire Terrier Bella back to full health. Bella was being walked by Joan’s son Alan Bell, aged 39, on […]

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Am I The Only One Who Got Ripped Off With Nancy Richards’ Dog Training Institute?

A Reader Asks… She promises all the answers to really good issues with obedience training for cairn terriers and dogs in general but she didn’t have ANYTHING anybody that’s ever seen a dog wouldn’t already know! I am constantly being bombarded with advertisements for the very information I paid her for! She brags a 120 […]

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