“Crazy Critters™ – Dog Toy Review”

My bulldog is in love with his Crazy Critters™ dog toy!  He drags the Crazy Critter™ Fox and Raccoon around the house looking for someone to play tug-of-war with him. The Fox is definitely his favorite because it’s so realistic looking he thinks he is playing with a friend!  He is able to get a […]

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Toy Story 3: Slinky Dog Toy Review

The Boys are Back In Town for Disney/Pixar film Toy Story 3, and so is Slinky Dog!

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Toy Story Slinky Dog Toy Review

QUESTION OF THE DAY: How would you design the Toy Story Collection Slinky Dog? What differences would you make that differ from this version?

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Dogs are SMARTER than FUNNY Toy Review Video by Mike Mozart and Funny Coco Puff of jeepersmedia

Funny Video! Dogs are Smarter than Mike Mozart! And Today’s Funny Video Review is of the Funny Digger Dog Gemmy Toy by Mike Mozart of the Funniest Video Channel jeepersmedia on youtube. Coco Puff the Official Puppy Mascot of Jeepers Media Also appears in this Funny Review Video! COMMENT QUESTIONS OF THE DAY: • What […]

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Funny Video- Dog Lips Puppy Toy Review Mike Mozart and Coco Puff jeepersmedia

Funny Video Dog Lips, Dog Toy Product Review by Michael “Mike” Mozart makes funny video reviews on his channel jeepersmedia on youtube. Mike Mozart’s Black Lab Puppy Coco Puff is today’s special guest Reviewer. Coco Puff is a cute little puppy Black Labrador who is the Official Dog Mascot of Jeepersmedia channel on youtube. Did […]

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Dog Toy Review – Fox

My RVT friends (John and Monica) thought it would be funny if they got me a dog toy in the shape of a fox. It was the AKC Fox Dog Toy. After I killed the chest squeaker in the fox, I called the company, saying that if a human can destroy the thing in four […]

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Mike Mozart On Network Tv Bonnie Hunt Mon 12/8/09 Jeepersmedia Biscuit The Dog Toy Review

Mike Mozart appears on the Bonnie Hunt Show Monday December 8, 2008. http://www. bonniehunt. com/p. . . Mike Mozart of JeepersMedia offers Toy reviews of the Hottest Toys for Christmas Gifts 2008 incl. . .

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Dogs Are Smarter Than . . . Funny Toy Product Review Of “digger Dog” By Mike Mozart And Coco Puff The Puppy Of Jeepersmedia

Funny Dog Toy Video! Dogs are Smarter than Mike Mozart and the Digger Dog Gemmy Toy that Mike Mozart of JeepersMedia on You Tube is Reviewing today. COMMENT QUESTIONS OF THE DAY: • What kind of D. . .

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Fail Toy Dog Lips Toy Review Mike Mozart And Coco Puff Jeepersmedia

FAIL TOY Dog Lips, Dog Toy Product Review by Michael “Mike” Mozart Your Toy and Product Guru of JeepersMedia Jeepers Media. My Black Lab Coco Puff is today’s special guest Reviewer. Coco Puff is a . . .

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An Instant Dog Training Videos Review Of Different Dog Training Guides

  Today, more and more pet lovers are aware that training their dog by themselves can have more benefits than ever imagined. The concept of hiring a professional dog trainer is the only effective method to fully train your pet but that kind of procedure is passé. Now, owners can give personal dog training for […]

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