Dog-human cooperation is based on social skills of wolves, scientists show

Dogs are man’s best friend and partner. The origins of this dog-human relationship were subject of a study by behavioural scientists from the Messerli Research Institute at the Vetmeduni Vienna and the Wolf Science Center. They showed that the ancestors of dogs, the wolves, are at least as attentive to members of their species and […]

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Someone To Love

The history of the relationship between man and his dog stretches back farther than most people would assume. They have been best friends for thousands of years, hunting and living together far before there were doggie biscuits. Dog and human remains have been found buried together as early as 12,000 B.C., allowing archeologists to know […]

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What prehistoric dog burials tell us about owners

Robert Losey The ancient dog was buried in a resting position. It was part of a study to directly test if there was a clear relationship between the practice of dog burial and human behaviors. The answer is yes. By Jennifer ViegasDiscovery News An analysis of ancient dog burials finds that the typical prehistoric dog […]

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The Culture Clash: A Revolutionary New Way to Understanding the Relationship Between Humans and Domestic Dogs

The Culture Clash: A Revolutionary New Way to Understanding the Relationship Between Humans and Domestic Dogs ISBN13: 9781888047059 Condition: New Notes: BRAND NEW FROM PUBLISHER! 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Tracking provided on most orders. Buy with Confidence! Millions of books sold! *The Culture Clash is special. Written in Jean’s inimitably informal yet precise lecture style, the […]

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Polar bears and dogs playing

A strange relationship between dogs and bears. Taken from the show “Jailed Polar Bear” on Download in full from: Video Rating: 4 / 5

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How To Introduce Your Adult Dog To Your New Adult Cat

You have just met the love of your life and decide to take your relationship to the next level; living under the same roof. There is only one catch you’re a dog owner and she is a cat owner; how will you introduce them so they too will be able to live with one […]

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Great Dog Training Principles

Here you are with a brand new puppy, a cute bundle of energy and life that is bringing joy to you and your family. That cuteness however can wear off when the bad behavior sets in. Dogs, puppies in particular, are great companions, man’s best friend. Being that as it may, in order for both […]

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The Best Tips on Taking Care of the Dog

Dogs are men’s best friends – this is a universal fact that has been known to us since time immemorial This relationship is so obvious and evident with the multitude of stories telling the loyalty and bravery of dogs in protecting their masters In taking care of your dog, it is necessary to obtain him/her […]

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Protect Your Health, Train Your Mastiff

  A Mastiff dog, when still young can be a pain in the neck, if left untrained. As dog, by nature, he would chew on anything that his teeth can get into. And you will be left hanging to dry when you find that your new $100 shoes will be turned into dirty slippers, not […]

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How To Train Your Own Shiba Inu

  Looking for the best dog training online? Are you having hard time house training or taking care of your Shiba Inu dog or any other dog for that matter? Chances are, you’re annoyed up to your neck the way your Shiba Inu behaves, that is, if you haven’t had the best training that you […]

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