3 Reasons Why Your Dog is Picky and How to Fix It

This probably happens to you again and again. You take your furry munchkin to the pet store, and at the cash register, clerk hands you samples of some new treats that are supposedly “loved by all pups in town”. You smile skeptically, but politely accept the treats and hand them to your doggy. Your furry […]

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5 Reasons Your Dog Needs a New Pet ID

It would be nice if all dogs were as “language ready” as Brian Griffin (the talking dog from the animated series Family Guy), or if the talking dog collars in the animated film Up were real (the iCollar? :)). Alas, although we would love to be as conversational with our dogs in the real world […]

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Reasons to Choose German Shepherd Puppies

People often think that choosing a german shepherd puppy is a bit difficult task. Yes certainly it is not so easy if you do not know how to pick them. There are so many reasons to choose this breed. Let’s discuss them one by one. Very firstly your GSD must be of great personality. You […]

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Article: Five Top Reasons to buy a Dog Gate

Article by John Smith Rover Company manufactures The Finest Dog Gates on the market today in the USA. As much as you love your pets and treat them as part of your family, there will be instances when you must contain your pet. You can do this by using Dog Crates and leashes but these […]

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Article: Dog Training: 7 Reasons Why You Should Do It Yourself

Reason 1:Poor Dog Training resulted in unruly dog which can be a serious nuisance and be destructive to the relationship between the dog and its owner. Effective dog training is essential for both a pet’s safety and the quality of life for both dog and its owner. Would you take the risk of leaving the […]

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Your Dog Needs Toys But For Important Reasons

The similarities between dogs and children are numerous. Children need a lot of attention to grow up properly and can become a law unto themselves if they are not looked after well. Dogs, like children can be quite handful if they are left to think for themselves. 
 Another area where dogs and children are […]

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Frequent Urination In Dogs And Five Common Reasons

Are you reaching the end of your patience with having to let your dog outside every five minutes? There can be several reasons for a dog urinating frequently. Canine Urinary Tract Infections Canine cystitis is the most common cause of frequent urination in dogs, especially in females. Your dog’s bladder becomes inflamed from the infection, […]

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Dog Agility – 5 Simple Reasons Your Dog Can Run And Jump

If you’ve never seen an agility competition, you’re missing out. It is one of the most amazing spectacles. And, the dogs look like they are having the time of their lives! In this article, Brad Carlson gives us a basic overview of a great sport, and a way for you and your Border Collie (or […]

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