Q&A: are minature bulldogs real?

Question by : are minature bulldogs real? Best answer: Answer by s2 xo DanaNo. They are a figment of your imagination. Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

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Animal shelters are real winners of 'Puppy Bowl'

LOS ANGELES (AP) — There will be a winner and a loser every Super Bowl Sunday. But at the “Puppy Bowl,” it’s always a win for animal shelters. The show provides national exposure to the shelters across the country that provide the puppy athletes and the kittens that star in the halftime show, and introduces […]

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Dog Training – Training a Dog for Real Protection. Must See! (

Attack Dog Training – Personal Protection Guard Dog Training instruction by K9-1 Specialized Dog Training LLC. If you ever wondered how to train an attack dog we now have instructional videos for the serious dog trainer. This video features, Nikko, a Belgian Malinois raised as a pet then transformed into a high caliber personal protection […]

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Real Men of Genius -Tiny Dog Clothes Manufacturer

Bud Light Real Men of Genius promo. Here’s to you Mr. Tiny Dog Clothes Manufacturer!!! Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Dog Show – How to Judge and Figure Out the Real Winner

Dog show is one of the most exciting show in the dog-lover countries, for example USA and UK. From the dog show competition, the owner of a dog which becomes the champ of the show will not simply achieve much bulk but also honor and prestige. Related to the condition, usually the fans of dog […]

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Dog Show – How to Hunt For the Real Champ

Dog show is one of the most exciting show in the dog-lover countries, such as USA and United Kingdom. From the dog show contest, the possesor of a dog which becomes the champion of the show will not merely get much dough but also honor and prestige. Related to the situation, usually the fans of […]

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The Real Pit Bull Terrier Dog: Exposing The Myths

While Pit Bulls can be aggressive, they have fantastic capability to be a caring, dedicated animal to a caring owner. Pit Bulls that are raised with owners who like them and provide them the attention they long for, do really well at reducing their aggressiveness and turn out to be really tame, caring pet dogs. […]

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