Yorkie Clocks

Yorkshire Terrier gifts and apparel for the Yorkie lover, designed by Pop Art Pet. Apparel for Yorkies lovers. DARLING YORKIE YORKSHIRE TERRIER WITH PANSIES IN GARDEN FROM ORIGINAL PAINTING BY GREER Puppy and Yorkie lovers will adore this clock! Yorkshire Terrier Mom. You are the proud Mom of your dog. This unique dog Mom design […]

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House Breaking a Puppy – Natural Techniques

by Ira Nelson When you bring your puppy home, you should start laying the ground work for housebreaking right away. Even at only 7 or 8 weeks old, he wants to please you so it’s important to start early using puppy housebreaking training methods that will help him develop the appropriate behavior. He will have […]

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Obedience Training For Your New Puppy

By: Jim McKiel Training is usually broken down into two types: obedience and behavioral. We will discuss obedience training in this article. Obedience training for your new puppy should begin the day you bring him/her home. You should make obedience training fun and incorporate the training with play sessions. It is so easy to train […]

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Tips on Grooming a Pomeranian

The Pomeranian dog is a very small little dog that is largely composed of a very thick and doubled coat of hair. There are actually several layers to the Pomeranian hair, which gives some people the impression that Pomeranian grooming would be extremely difficult due to the amount of hair they have however, Pomeranian grooming […]

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