puppy potty training

Puppy Potty Training: Dangerous Diseases Outside

One of the major concerns about potty training a puppy to use the bathroom outside in the busy city is the possible spread of disease. Deadly distemper and parvo disease, as well as parasites, can be transferred via infected canine feces and bodily fluids. A puppy’s immature immune system leaves him open to all kinds […]

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Find Out Tips To Puppy Potty Training

Getting a new puppy is very exciting. It doesn’t take long, however, to realize that a new puppy takes more patience than you may have thought.  Potty training a puppy, including teaching him to go outside requires a lot of effort on your part. The biggest question new owners ask all the time is how […]

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Tips On How To Toilet Training Your Puppy

Puppy owners often site house training as the most stressful training experience they have with a new dog. Certain dogs will quickly pick up on this training whilst other dogs will take a while to understand what is required. House training your dog is easier than you think! By following this straight forward method you […]

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House Training Your Dog And Teaching It To Be Clean

Any parent who gets a new puppy will be happy their children are so delighted but they will worry about the matter of potty training. Getting a new puppy means you must also accept you have to manage some tasks such as this. If you don’t manage to get this done properly you will see […]

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Puppy Training: Ways to Train My Puppy

Nearly all of the puppies owned by Americans make their home indoors. You need to do some housebreaking with them if you are considering having them live in the home. The process of potty training a puppy is a prospect that intimidates many dog owners. But it’s really not that hard to accomplish, it doesn’t […]

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Powerful Means of Puppy House Training

With a new puppy in the home, puppy house training guidelines must be worked out to prevent little “surprises” from appearing around your house. House training must be worked through by every new puppy and its owners. Some puppies require more time and patience to catch on, while other puppies learn the process rather quickly. […]

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Puppy Barking is the Way a Puppy Communicates

Puppy barking is totally normal for dogs. Be prepared for puppy barking, whining and howling when you bring them home as it is what they do! If you are one devoted dog owner, you’ll know you will experience barking, whining and howling at any time. There is no way to train your puppy to stop […]

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The Importance of Puppy Obedience

Puppy obedience should start early on in the whelping box. The basics of puppy obedience training may be initiated by the breeder from whom you purchased or secured your puppy. Puppies, according to studies, are not ready for any training until at least three weeks of age. When puppies are born they know only of […]

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The Best Kept Secrets For Potty Training A Puppy Fast

Getting ready to discover to train a puppy needs you to be organized and take copious amounts of notes. I know that sounds very “fuzzy” and lacking substance – don’t glaze over and ignore it, as it’s a very useful record of what has worked, and shows you exactly what your dog responds to. Taking […]

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Puppy Potty Training Should Be A Fun Activity, Rather Than An Unpleasant Chore

Effective puppy potty training should be begun as soon as you feel that your pet is old enough to understand a few elementary commands. A puppy is not like an infant that requires using a potty in order to make him understand where to eliminate. It actually only requires that you teach your young puppy […]

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