Puppy Owners


How to crate-train your new puppy

Tip of the day for New Dog Owners: Take an old water bottle (remove the cap first), and put dog treats inside it for a cheap homemade toy that dogs love! Congratulations on your new puppy! Once your bundle of joy is home, it’s a good idea to begin crate training. Your puppy’s crate will […]

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Tips On How To Toilet Training Your Puppy

Puppy owners often site house training as the most stressful training experience they have with a new dog. Certain dogs will quickly pick up on this training whilst other dogs will take a while to understand what is required. House training your dog is easier than you think! By following this straight forward method you […]

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The Jury Is Out Regarding The Efficacy Of Using A Puppy Training Pad

One of the most common means of housebreaking a puppy is using a puppy training pad. However, not every puppy owner will use this option and it is in fact really a matter of personal preference. In case you do choose to use a puppy training pad then to succeed in your endeavors requires that […]

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Tips for Understanding Puppy Growth Rate

The majority of all new puppy owners ask the question “How big will my puppy get?” To determine puppy growth rate, one has to consider all of the variables to ever be able to get an accurate answer for any individual dog breed. And even with all of this information, you will only be able to […]

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Free Puppy Training Classes

Once you have found that perfect pet through free puppy adoption, you will want to begin right away with training it so that the transition into your home and lifestyle is an easy one. The best thing to do is to start grabbing up all of the books and magazines you can on free puppy […]

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How Can I stop Puppy From Chewing?

All puppies love to chew on just about anything they can get their teeth into. Sadly, puppy’s chewing can cost you lots of money to repair damaged furniture and personal belongings. With a few simple tips and tricks, you can keep your puppy’s off of your valuables.

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Puppy Stop Chewing on My Shoes!

Your puppy loves to chew. He will chew on just about anything he can sink his little puppy teeth into. Puppy’s chewing can cost you big bucks when you try to replace all your chewed up goods, too. Thankfully, with a few simple tricks and tips, you can get puppy chewing his toys – and not YOUR socks.

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