Puppy Chewing


Puppy Training: Ways to Train My Puppy

Nearly all of the puppies owned by Americans make their home indoors. You need to do some housebreaking with them if you are considering having them live in the home. The process of potty training a puppy is a prospect that intimidates many dog owners. But it’s really not that hard to accomplish, it doesn’t […]

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Powerful Means of Puppy House Training

With a new puppy in the home, puppy house training guidelines must be worked out to prevent little “surprises” from appearing around your house. House training must be worked through by every new puppy and its owners. Some puppies require more time and patience to catch on, while other puppies learn the process rather quickly. […]

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Puppy Barking is the Way a Puppy Communicates

Puppy barking is totally normal for dogs. Be prepared for puppy barking, whining and howling when you bring them home as it is what they do! If you are one devoted dog owner, you’ll know you will experience barking, whining and howling at any time. There is no way to train your puppy to stop […]

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The Importance of Puppy Obedience

Puppy obedience should start early on in the whelping box. The basics of puppy obedience training may be initiated by the breeder from whom you purchased or secured your puppy. Puppies, according to studies, are not ready for any training until at least three weeks of age. When puppies are born they know only of […]

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Stop Puppy Chewing Now — The Do’s And Don’ts Of Dog Training Basics

Tell me, does this describe you?Puppy chewing is turning your dream of having a happy, obedient dog into a nightmare of dog chewing problems while your belongings are shredded into a million little pieces.  Don’t despair.  You can stop puppy chewing by learning some dog training basics.  You Need To Understand Why Puppies Chew On […]

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Ten Ways To Stop Puppy Chewing Before Your House Looks Like A Demolition Zone

Let’s face it, puppies and chewing go together like bread and butter. Puppies learn about their surroundings by either sniffing on something or putting it in their mouths and chewing on it. Puppies chew on things, but to avoid destructive chewing, it’s up to their owners to teach them which items are off-limits. Here are […]

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Dealing With Your Puppy Chewing

Are you are having problems with your puppy chewing your furniture and possessions. You may have now gathered that your little puppy can create a huge amount of damage, from scratching wooden floors and doors, to chewing your brand new pair of very expensive shoes. As with any negative behavior, there is always a reason […]

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Poodle Training: Where To Start

Poodles can make great pets, but it is important for any potential Poodle owner to be aware of what proper Poodle training entails before going ahead and getting one of these dogs. The main reason for this is because Poodle training is often much more difficult than training with other breeds of dog, especially because Poodles tend to be very stubborn dogs.

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How Can I stop Puppy From Chewing?

All puppies love to chew on just about anything they can get their teeth into. Sadly, puppy’s chewing can cost you lots of money to repair damaged furniture and personal belongings. With a few simple tips and tricks, you can keep your puppy’s off of your valuables.

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